About Us

Hi there, we hope you loved our products. We created these to showcase our love for the material that we know you love too. We are a team of like-minded designers motivated by the versatility of this incredible material.
We believe that bamboo is not just a form of grass but a culture, and our goal is to turn this culture into the next design movement. It is still a long way for us to achieve this goal but we are determined to reach it.
Here at Bambooed, we mostly spend our time designing products for you. When we are not designing products we are collaborating with fellow designers and consulting for new product development and industrial design. And when we are not doing any of that we like to play, learn and read so that we can bring to you products that you would have never imagined possible. We wish to bring bamboo to the world of product design as a viable and modern material

Bambooed came into being in 2012. We know that we are young, but where we lack in age, we make up in enthusiasm and zest. Right now, we are focused on using bamboo and its derivatives with other modern materials that symbiotically fuse together to create unique and functional lifestyle products.
So spread the word and come along with us on this amazing journey we have set our foot forward for. We’ll have loads of fun together.